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For consultation & treatment, our dawakhana is open on all Fridays and Sundays.
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We challenege for those all persons who avoid marrage and feel some sexual weakness. What may be the cause of this disability, our hakims are fully capable to treat such patients up to desired level. The proff of this claim is based upon the long list of such patients who understand them selves as useless people and where afriad of the name of marrige. We treated them sucessfully with the help of our hebal formula MAQBOOL HERBAL SHADI COURSE. This is 100% safe herbal formula and no any side effect has been reported yet.
What is Megic Stick
Shadi herbal Course is composed of various vital ingridients. Megic stick is the 6th vital ingredient of this course. Really this have magical effect on the vital parts of body. This will not be wrong if we say it the herbal laser therapy. Becuase its quick effect on muscles and nerves is just like the laser treatment. This has opened the new era in the world of herbal medicine. This is 100% safe treatment.
Maqbool Shadi Herbal Course
This is equally benificail for married and unmarried persons
This course is effective in all ages, even on the same day of marriage.
This course activates the slow nervious system for better communication and stimulation inside the body
This course have proved the better treatment of infertility through regulating the harmones.
This course enhance the availibility of more strong & active sperms
This is 100% safe treatment and can be repeated second time
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